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DASH Workstation is a zero footprint modular desk system that mounts to your wall. The grid design provides plug-and-play function for Accessories like shelves, hooks, dry erase panels, bins, and a bunch more.

The FOUR x SIX Deluxe Kit comes with six accessories + the FOUR x TWO Desk (34"W x 22"D). Mount the panel first using the included hardware (takes less than 15 minutes), then insert the accessories, into any configuration you like. Move the desk up a row or two to give yourself a standing desk!

The Workstation is ideal for home offices, kid rooms, craft rooms, studio apartments, flats, or commercial and public areas to maximize usable space. 

  • 39"W x 55.5"T
  • Package includes:
    • Birch Plywood Panel + Mounting Hardware
    • Birch Plywood Desk (34"W x 22"D)
    • Birch Filler Plates (5 pcs)
    • Spacer to Ensure Proper Install Height
  • (x2) Bookshelf 
  • (x1) Power Block (2 Outlet + 2 USB)
  • (x1) Single Shelf
  • (x1) Ring with Cup
  • (x1) Dry Erase Panel
  • Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
  • Designed + Built in USA
  • This panel has 8" windows

For more information on how to install the Workstation, check out the installation guide HERE.

***Please note this panel currently has an increased rate due to oversize package dimensions and peak holiday charges. Our rates for this panel will return to normal after January 5th.***