4x6 Workstation - Deluxe Kit

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DASH Workstation is a zero footprint modular desk system that mounts to your wall. The grid design provides plug-and-play function for Accessories like shelves, hooks, dry erase panels, bins, and a bunch more.

The 4x6 Deluxe Kit comes with six accessories + the 4x2 Desk (34"W x 22"D). Mount the panel first using the included hardware (takes less than 15 minutes), then insert the accessories, into any configuration you like. Move the desk up a row or two to give yourself a standing desk!

The Workstation is ideal for home offices, kid rooms, craft rooms, studio apartments, flats, or commercial and public areas to maximize usable space. 

  • 39"W x 55.5"T
  • Package includes:
    • Birch Plywood Panel (Ships in two pieces for easy installation)
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Birch Plywood Desk (34"W x 22"D)
    • Birch Tiles (5 pcs)
    • Spacer to Ensure Proper Install Height
  • (x2) 2x1 Bookshelf
  • (x1) Power Block (2 Outlet + 2 USB)
  • (x1) 1x1 Bookshelf
  • (x1) Ring with Cup
  • (x1) 2x2 Dry Erase Board
  • Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
  • Designed + Built in USA
  • This panel has 8" windows

For more information on how to install the Workstation, check out the installation guide HERE.

***Please note this panel currently has an increased rate due to oversize package dimensions and peak holiday charges. Our rates for this panel will return to normal after January 5th.***

Customer Reviews

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M Lee
Best WFH investment

My boyfriend surprised me with this desk & it’s more than a desk, it’s my work station. It makes my day so convenient & easy accessible. We live in a smaller space, so we needed something that made sense. The DASH still gives the illusion of space since the desk is mounted to the wall & doesn’t touch the floor. I will never be able to go back to a regular desk. This has changed my work life. Thank you for knowing what we need to work from home.

Keegan S.
Innovative, Sleek, Modular...Just Awesome!

I've had my eye on DASH Workstation ever since it's Kickstarter launch campaign. I absolutely loved the concept and design behind this desk. A work from home opportunity for my girlfriend allowed me to finally purchase this desk for the apartment. The wall mount process was super easy and the modularity of the components made it fun to customize the desk setup. The amount of space saved with the DASH Workstation allowed the apartment to still feel open and uncluttered. The DASH Workstation is a high quality product with its innovative, sleek and modular design. The DASH team offers great customer service as well!

Can't wait to purchase another one for myself...and hopefully bring the DASH's full wall setup to my next home.